December 2016 @ Form and Fiction, San Francisco

Our December Meet was hosted by Form and Fiction in San Francisco’s Sunset District.

Attendance was smaller due to the holidays. Those in attendance, however, were in for a treat–two planted and aquascaped tanks set up and maintained by the Lo Brothers of Aqua Forest Aquarium. The cozy environment allowed our members to ask the Lo Brothers many questions about the tank setups. Howard, the owner of Form and Fiction, was running a promotional video of the complete process George used to set up the larger (4 ft) tank in the entrance and a second, more recent video, on the process used to set up the smaller tank completely from AFA’s tissue culture plants.

Both tanks were beautiful. George and Stephen made a short presentation in the conference room on the newest trends in aqua scaping materials and an update on new products coming soon from Aquarium Design Amano (ADA). We finished up with a small swap of plants and a raffle by George and Stephen of cool ADA merchandise — there was a raffle bag for everyone there. First OH I’ve been to where the host offered to make everyone an espresso, coffee, tea or cappuccino when we arrived — very classy. Thank you Howard for hosting us and to George and Stephen Lo for an information-filled morning answering our questions.