This published schedule is a general guideline for our group in 2017. Dates and Locations are subject to change based on the availability of our Open House hosts. Look for the official meet announcements for the most up-to-date information.

Address and location information is available only to our Forum Members. Please consider joining.

2017 sfbaaps Meet Schedule
DATE Location/Region
Saturday, January 21 Canceled
Sunday, February 19 @ Gage Harford’s in Livermore, CA
Sunday, March 19 Outdoor venue in Mountain View, CA
Sunday, April 23 Outdoor venue in Berkeley, CA
Saturday, May 20 LFS in San Jose, CA
Saturday, June 17 Brisbane, CA
Saturday, July 15, 11AM-2PM Meet at Laguna Wetlands Preserve, Sebastopol (followed by CA Carnivores)
Sunday, August 20 TBD: South Bay
Saturday, September 16 TBD: SF/Peninsula
Sunday, October 15 TBD: East Bay
Saturday, November 18 TBD: South Bay
Sunday, December 17 TBD: SF/Peninsula